In-depth disclosure of the most comprehensive metal hose features

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Metal hose is an important component in the connection pipeline of modern industrial equipment. Metal hose used for wire, cable, automatic meter signal wire cable protection pipe and civil shower hose, specifications from 3mm to 150mm. Small diameter metal hose (inside diameter: 3mm-25mm) is mainly used for precision optical ruler sensing line protection and industrial sensor line protection.

Metal hose has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to high pressure, can connect to any direction in the pipe, temperature compensation and vibration absorption, noise reduction, change medium, eliminate pipeline conveying direction or mechanical displacement between the pipe and equipment, such as double flange of corrugated metal hose with displacement and vibration of pump, valve, etc. The flexible joint is particularly applicable.

Metal hose connection mode can be divided into flange connection, threaded connections, quick joint connection, commonly used small metal hose thread and quick joint connection, large caliber usually use flange connection. The corrosion resistance of metal hose can be ensured by selecting suitable stainless steel brand according to the corrosive medium of the pipe. Its features are as follows:

1. The metal hose is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel material and has strong corrosion resistance.

2. Hose body for the thin-wall stainless steel tube hydroforming, has strong flexibility, scalability, bending and strong ability of anti vibration, weaving nets to strengthen protection, make it has higher bearing capacity.

3. The connection between the two ends of the hose can also be made into other connection modes other than screw thread and flange standard for convenient connection and use. Special metal hose

4. This product is not only suitable for supporting rotating joint, but also widely used for soft connection of various fluid medium.

Metal hose is an important connecting component in engineering technology. It is composed of corrugated flexible pipe, net sleeve and joint. It is widely used as compensation element, sealing element, connecting element and damping element in various gas and liquid transportation pipeline systems, as well as length, temperature, position and Angle compensation system.

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